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1.0 Removable

Di²gital Arch 1.0 Fixation screw + Di²gital Arch 1.0 ZiaCam Scanbody

The Di²gital Arch 1.0 fixation screw serves as a reference to align the virtual models from the intraoral scan of one patient and recreate the clinical condition prior to a dental treatment, while the Di²gital Arch 1.0 ZiaCam Scanbody ensures that all the different digital files taken with the intraoral scanner are aligned.
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2.0 Fixed – Removable

Di²gital Arch 2.0 Microimplant + Di²gital Arch 2.0 ZiaCam Scanbody

The Di²gital Arch 2.0 microimplant allows the same reference structure to be maintained when aligning the various virtual models taken during the various stages of treatment in the CAD software. It also recreates the conditions prior to the surgical or prosthetic procedure and aids the preparation of the provisional or final prostheses.

Both systems are indicated for digital impression taking for:

  • Copying previous clinical conditions to transmit the patient’s aesthetic and function in cases of partial or full exodontia.

  • The fully digital immediate treatment of a completely edentulous patient.

  • Mock-up copying and tooth morphology wax-up for crowns, veneers and bridges on natural teeth.

  • Copying of provisional prostheses to the work file to create the final prosthesis.

  • Copying in implant rescue procedures.

  • Copying of dentures: partial, full, fixed and removable.

  • Cases of guided surgery and prostheses in completely edentulous patients.