The Scanbody is a device used as a transfer abutment, designed to virtually establish the three-dimensional position of the implant, the orientation of the connection and the relation to adjacent anatomical structures.

ZIACOM has recently introduced the new ZiaCam Scanbodies line, with an optimized design and manufactured in peek, which allows for high precision scanning.

The geometry allows for a transfer with high-precision repositioning in the design software when an incomplete scan is detected. Also, the asymmetrical scanning surfaces allow for quick single point matching.

For intraoral use it is necessary to sterilize in autoclave, in these cases, the use should be for a single patient. ZiaCam Scanbodies are suitable for intraoral and extraoral use in laboratory scanners. However, it is important to point out that it is necessary to wait a period of time for the cooling to be completed, since the thermal expansion generates a dimensional change that can produce an inaccurate scan. A single scan is recommended.

Easy-to-handle and manufactured in peek

ZiaCam Scanbodies stand out for being made in peek in one piece, which makes them very easy to handle. Screws are included in the direct implant and transepithelial abutment models, and without screws in the Ti-base ZiaCam models. In direct implant cases, the screw must be tightened with a manual torque, maximum 10 nxcm.

Available for all ZIACOM implant connections

ZiaCam Scanbodies are available in a complete ZIACOM implant portfolio.

ZiaCam Scanbodies play a leading role in the digital flow, providing a substantial improvement in accuracy, speed and reproducibility in rehabilitation with implant prosthetics.