A conical connection implant with improved compatibility

Undoubtedly, if there is one thing that makes our Galaxy implant stand out, it is its conical connection which, together with the Titansure and Titansure Active surface treatment, promotes a fast osseointegration. All this makes it an ideal implant for immediate loading surgery.

Today we are going to talk about Galaxy

Advantages of the Galaxy Conical Connection

Galaxy is designed with an 11° conical connection with double internal hexagon that promotes sealing and prevents microleakage in implantology.

Its conical connection minimizes micromovement at the implant-abutment interface, and its reverse cervical taper prevents cortical stress in surgery.

In addition, Galaxy features an unique platform with Platform Switch, which significantly simplifies prosthetic procedures.

Main characteristics

Double-loop body with variable geometry for a better primary stability and fast insertion in surgery.

Cervical micro-rings to increase the BIC (Bone to Implant Contact) at cortical level.

Its cervical reverse taper avoids cortical compression in surgery.

Its self-tapping active apex, designed in V, facilitates the rectification of the axis during insertion in post-extraction alveolus.

When to use Galaxy implants?

Although the Galaxy implant is designed for use in virtually all types of clinical cases, it is even more effective in:

– Immediate loading.

– Immediate post-extraction placement.

– Cases of very low bone quality.

Cases of esthetic anterior sector.

Titansure y Titansure Active

The surface of the Galaxy implant has a micro and macroporosity with optimal average values, which are key to achieving fast osseointegration, giving the implant high reliability and predictability.

In addition, chemical analysis has shown that the surface is free of blasting and etching residues, as well as any other contaminants.

The Titansure Active surface with BBL (Bone Bioactive Liquid) technology increases the density of hydroxyl groups on the implant surface, thus improving surface hydrophilicity.

This surface hydrophilicity improves early active ionic integration with the blood plasma and bone progenitor cells, before the first adult osteogenic cells attach to the surface.

All this means that the use of the Galaxy implant promotes a better and faster osseointegration.

Do you still have any doubts about the advantages of our Galaxy implant? Contact your sales representative to find out all the details.

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