With our high-definition state-of-the-art scanners, professionals are able to obtain high-definition images that enable a more precise and detailed diagnosis, as well as an exact representation of the implant position in 3D as a starting point for digital planning and the development of the complete digital workflow.

CS 3600, from Carestream Dental


Simple, precise and fast digital impression taking

  • Versatile and user-friendly.

    Its interface is designed to be simple and intuitive to use, so that the professional can prioritise the patient over the use of software.
  • Streamlines treatment.

    CS 3600 enables the transition between the different stages of treatment to be fast and comfortable, both for the professional and the patient.
  • Minimally invasive.

    Digital impression taking makes it possible to do without conventional moulds and other impression methods that may be uncomfortable for the patient.
  • Easier dentist-patient communication.

    CS 3600 is an ideal tool to explain to the patient what the treatment will entail and the reasons behind it.
  • It helps the patient to understand his or her treatment in a visual way.

    With the help of the high-resolution scanned image, the patient can see and understand the diagnosis easily.

EzScan-i, from VATECH


Simplicity, reliability and profitability

  • Unbeatable ergonomics.

    Long-lasting autoclavable tips (up to 250 cycles) and rotating tip for faster scanning.
  • Compact size.

    Its compact and light design is targeted to maximise the comfort of dentist and patient.
  • Continuous, fast and accurate scanning.

    Less than 2 minutes required to scan a full arch. The rotating tip ensures optimum scanning.
  • Intuitive interface and workflow.

    Create and manage each clinical case simply and intuitively, and instantly send digital files to the laboratory.
  • Effortless communication with the laboratory.

    Compatible with any open CAD system that supports multiple file formats (STL/PLY/OBJ).