In line with the rate of growth of the new needs of the dental industry, we have designed a comprehensive digital workflow that makes the work of the professional easier and ensures the well-being and satisfaction of the patient


1. Bite registration, intraoral scanning and computerised tomography

Obtain high-definition images of the patient’s oral cavity. Great results, minimal appointment time.


2. Digital planning and
surgical procedure

This allows the exact position of the implants to be displayed in 3D to be able to perform procedures that have predictable results and are safe, accurate and efficient.


3. Customised prosthesis using virtual design

Cutting-edge technology for the design and creation of highest quality prosthetic solutions.

Ziacom digital workflow

Ziacom provides this integrated service for implant professionals that allows a comprehensive digital workflow to be developed, from impression taking to creation of the prosthesis, including digital planning of the surgical procedure and computer-aided guided surgery as an essential stage of the process.
  • Surgical outcomes that are 100% predictable to achieve a successful treatment for your patient.

  • Results that are 100% tailored.

  • Optimisation of advance surgical planning.

  • Interventions that are safe, precise, efficient and minimally invasive.

  • Reduced appointment and procedure times.

  • Maximum patient well-being.

  • Improved communication between dentist and dental clinic and dentist and patient.