Ziacom provides dental professionals with motors for implant surgery designed to be intuitive and user-friendly to ensure safe, effective and comfortable work and serve the clinical needs of the patient



Unparalleled operability, safety and wireless connectivity

  • Improved operability.

    More comfort and less fatigue thanks to the centre of gravity that is near the head of the handpiece.
  • Sensitive and reliable display.

    The screen is very easy to clean and the touchpad has been designed to respond even when wearing surgical gloves.
  • High-resolution colour LED light.

    Better visibility during every procedure, generating minimum heat.
  • Wireless connection and control pedal.

    The wireless control pedal improves reach, is lightweight and can be customised to the preferences of the professional. System compatible with most devices.
  • Maximum torque precision.

    The advanced NSK AHC calibration system offers maximum safety for implant placement.

Bien Air Chiropro and Chiropro PLUS


Superb grip, balance and control

  • Absolute precision.

    The high-precision electronic system avoids additional calibration; the single control pedal and the ergonomic handpieces aid control.
  • Reliability in surgery.

    The operation sequences are preprogrammed, so you can perform your procedures in minimum time and be assured that you will obtain optimum results.
  • Intuitive interface.

    The single control button and the simplicity of the screen aid navigation. Access all the information you need for the procedure at a glance.
  • Easy to clean.

    All components can be easily removed for sterilisation.
  • With MX-i LED micromotor.

    The only player on the market that provides LED lighting of the same intensity regardless of the speed at which you are working.
  • Chiropro surgical motor: Simple, fast and effective solution for precision placement without straining the implant

  • Chiropro PLUS surgical motor: The ideal system to carry out any oral surgery procedure. Perfect for oral surgery and periodontics

Use from your phone or tablet via the iChiropro app.