Ziacom was founded in 2004, when its founder decided to set up an industry-leading Spanish company in the field of dental implants nd offer innovative and quality products and a first-class service for its clients.
Thanks to the participation, that currently make up Ziacom, the approach we take is a comprehensive production process for the design, manufacture and distribution of our products and allows us to maintain full control over quality and guarantee our delivery times to anywhere in the world.
To achieve this, our research, development and innovation team strives every day to design new products and develop improvements that meet the ever-increasing demands of our clients and the needs of their patients. Our production and quality teams submit all of our manufacturing processes to the strictest controls that enable us to guarantee the best quality for all of our products, while packaging and logistics work meticulously to deliver our products in the guaranteed conditions and time frame.

Alejandro del Valle

Founder and CEO

Alberto del Valle

General Manager

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