Our Titansure surface achieves a contaminant-free surface topography and a macro- and micro-porosity whose characteristics are key to achieving correct and rapid osseointegration. 

Main features of Titansure 

  • Pure TiO surface.
  • Homogeneous porosity.
  • Optimal mean values.
  • Osteoinductive surface.
  • Rapid cell adhesion.
  • High level of biological stability and surface wettability.
  • High level of biological stability and surface wettability.
Titansure surface treatment is available for all of our implants.
Ziacom Medical, together with the research group at Biointelligence Systems, led by Professor Maher Al-Atari Abou-Asi, we have developed Titansure Active, the result of the combination of our Titansure surface and BBL (Bone Bioactive Liquid) technology, designed to create the perfect conditions for faster and more effective osseointegration. 

Main features of Titansure Active 

  • The perfect conditions for greater cell attraction.
  • Increased density of hydroxyl groups.
  • Optimised intercellular communication.
  • Decrease osseointegration ties and increased BIC.
  • Reduced inflammatory processes.
The Titansure Active surface treatment is currently available for the Galaxy implant, and coming soon, for the Zinic MT. 

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